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Ghost Orchid by Mick Fournier, Pompano Beach. (Note: This photo is a ghost orchid, but not the one at Corkscrew.)

Naples: Rare ghost orchid ready to bloom at Corkscrew for 2018 season

Corkscrew Sanctuary could be hosting lots of orchid fans again this summer, as its rare ghost orchid has formed buds. The ghost orchid was made famous by the 2002 film “Adaptation” starring Meryl Streep and the best-selling “Orchid Thief,” by Susan Orlean.

Schnebly Redland's Winery & Brewery has an inviting outdoor area for trying the wines and beers.

A day exploring the Redland: Agriculture and rustic charm thrive near Miami

The historic agricultural area surrounding the Homestead entrance to Everglades National Park offers so many cool experiences — a park where you can see and sample exotic fruits, free tours of a spectacular orchid grower’s estate, a local tropical-fruit winery and famous fruit milkshakes and cinnamon rolls.

A great egret near the boardwalk

Corkscrew Swamp in Naples: Explore via beautiful boardwalk

The Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Naples, an Audubon Society preserve, takes you on a hike via boardwalk with good wildlife viewing and exquisite scenery.

The garden tour at R.F. Orchids engages all the senses: Screams of colorful parrots, the fragrance of blooming orchids, the taste of edible orchids.

Love orchids? Free tours at R.F. Orchids in the Redland are a must

There are many reasons to visit the Redland, the rural area between Miami and Everglades National Park. But if you like orchids, here’s the best reason: Excellent free tours of the private gardens at R.F. Fuchs Orchids.

Save the Florida Panther day: Swamp walks, buggy rides on March 17 in Naples

Save the Florida Panther day: Swamp walks, buggy rides on March 17 in Naples

You can take a slog through the swamp to see native orchids, a buggy tour through cypress swamp or a guided bird walk or plant identification walk. All the events are free.