Wekiva Island tiki bar

The tiki bar at Wekiva Island marina

Take a break after your 8.5 mile paddle down Rock Spring Run, or rent a canoe to journey further down the Wekiva River. You know how much we enjoy tiki bars! (Photo by Bob Rountree)

More about Wekiva River Basin: A wild and scenic adventure.


  1. Derrick says:

    I am sick of these environmentalist people who want the government to gobble up all of Florida’s wetlands and control everything. The same ilk came to Florida back in the 20’s – 50’s and almost killed the longleaf pine calling for the banning of burning and an impressive “Smokey the Bear” put out forest fires campaign! This almost killed the longleaf and now they are rewriting history claiming that it was clear cutting and over-forestation! Native Floridians knew better!

  2. Bob Rountree Bob Rountree says:

    I definitely saw the potential for that kind of exploitation, and I know there is considerable controversy over the commercialization of Rock Springs Run and the Wekiva River, even as the state and feds expand the preservation areas. I’m hopeful your community can work this out to everyone’s benefit.

  3. A place for bums and drunks to hang out

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